Spring has Sprung!

March 20, 2015

​I do love winter. With it comes cozy fireplace moments, hot coco, holiday memories and the ability to wear that fabulous coat that's been hanging in your closet all year. It's been a lovely winter and the snow was fun but raise your hand if you are ready for SPRING!!! Spring is my favorite time of year. All the buds and flowers are blooming, the air is just warm enough to have picnics outside and the color pallet brings a smile to my face!

First, I think it's important for you to know what the trend colors are for Spring 2015. These colors are determined by the fashion gurus and introduced to the public during Fashion Week in the fall. Most of the designs you will see on the runway will be over the top and not something you would ever wear in public unless you are Lady Gaga. Case in point...

While I can appreciate the creativity and feathery touch behind this look there is one thing that becomes clear... Pastels are in! I have attached a few color charts that will show you the exact color pallet that you will see a lot of this spring and summer.

I think it is important to state that pastels can be tricky. Because of the washed out tones in the color they tend to "wash out" the complexion of the person wearing them. The key to any trend is moderation. If you have more of a yellow undertone in your skin you will not want to go out and buy a custard colored dress. But you could buy yourself a custard colored purse. A little self awareness is important when introducing pastels into your wardrobe. This is great news for those of you with tan or darker skin tones! Pastels will look stunning on you in any form. I have attached a few examples of ways to wear the pastel trend well.


The second thing repeated on the runway were floral prints! I'm not talking about your grandmas floral couch! Oh No! I am talking about beautiful, bright prints that will have you dancing in the street because you feel so good!

Oh wait, this is not exactly what I had in mind. But this...


I LOVE a floral print. Just make sure you are thinking about proportion and amount when you wear it. Pair a floral shirt with a solid pant, a floral dress with a blazer. Or, if you are a little daring rock the all floral look but pair it with an accessory that will compliment and help draw the eye to other places.

The last trend I will mention today of Spring/Summer 2015 are wide legged trousers. They are making a comeback in a big way and I am thrilled! Wide legged pants if tailored correctly look great on every body type. They make the long legged girl look even longer and they give the illusion of long legs to all of us girls at a height disadvantage. They also tend to hang in such a way many flaws are concealed. Did I say already how much I love them?! Ok, so on that note here are some great examples!


You will notice the pastels, prints, and even a floral blazer. All great ways to mix trends and look super chic.  Important note about the tailoring of these pants. The length is very important on these babies. Too short and you will look squatty and too long they will puddle around your ankles. Decide what kind of shoe you will be wearing with the pant and whatever you decided make sure they are long enough to hit the top of your foot and allow for a slight break in the front. A good seamstress will know! Basically you want these as long as you can go without the pants tripping you up or dragging the floor. If you have them tailored for heels then wearing them with flats is a bad idea.

In conclusion, it's time to put away all the black and grey! Embrace color, floral prints and pants that flow. You will be on trend in no time. ;)

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