February 19, 2016

brav·er·y (noun) courageous behavior or character. synonyms: courage, valor, intrepidity, nerve, daring, fearlessness, audacity, boldness, dauntlessness, stoutheartedness, heroism. Our first show of the spring season will be here before we know it! This will be our third show with Vintage Market Days Tulsa and we couldn't be happier. Each show carries with it a theme... You can see it reflected in the decor, the t-shirt design and it's just a general feeling in the air. This time around that theme is Be Brave. For Amy and I this sentiment carries with it a deep personal meaning. You see we pray relentlessly we can teach our babies what being brave really looks like everyday. Whether that is having the boldness to speak truth in the lies or being fearless in starting your own business. It could be as daring as serving others abroad or having the nerve to share a meal with the homeless man on the corner. It could be a simple as having the courage to get out of bed and face another day when everything seems stacked against you. So, as we gear up for what the new spring show season brings we will be praying for each of you... May you take on each day with a boldness and make every moment a Brave one. ;) 

Our Sweet Brave Girls! (from the left, Shelby, Emma, Ansley, Lily, and Parker) 

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