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Share Hope

April 12, 2016

I recently picked up a new book a friend of mine told me to read... The title, "When I lay my Isaac down" If you have not had the honor of reading its words you should. It's the story of a mother walking through an unspeakable family tragedy and the principles they learned in the process that bolstered their faith and renewed hope. Kent writes, "When hope is alive, there is always the chance that something that has gone awry will still have a positive outcome... We hold on to the belief that even if what we see happening today is unbearable, ugly, unjust, and unfair, the probability of a brighter day is around the corner because God is the Great Redeemer." 

Recently, I became friends with the precious people behind the Pure Hope Foundation. They not only believe brighter days are around the corner but they will be making it a reality for many women.  Currently they are working on creating a place called the Hope House in Mt Vernon, TX. This will be a refuge for women rescued from sex trafficking and transiting back into mainstream life. Currently they have the home bought, have painted and started the rehab process but now need all the little things that make a house a "home". Amy and I are so excited to see how God is moving through people we love so close to home and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to help on a local level! SO, with the backing of our dear friends at the Lagosette school in Haiti, we will be taking the 10% we normally give to them for the next three shows and be giving that money to the Pure Hope Foundation. This money will be used to buy pillows, art work, lighting, etc and help provide a beautiful place for these women to call home. 
We also want to encourage all of our shoppers to give as well. Please visit the website for Pure Hope and donate what you can. Follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram and  pray for them and the women they will be serving. They are asking for short and long term contributions and trust me when I say your money will be used in such beautiful and life changing ways! 


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